Why Sisak?

The city of Sisak has been chosen as the location for the conference because of its unique sculpture park, comprising thirty-eight outdoor sculptures created between 1971 and 1990 by the prominent sculptors of what was then Yugoslavia who participated in the Željezara Sisak [Sisak Ironworks] Art Colony. Equally important is the fact that 2015 is designated as European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year, and Sisak Sculpture Park is an important part of Croatia’s industrial patrimony.

Sisak Sculpture Park 01

All the sculptures were listed on the Croatia State Register of Cultural Properties in 2012. The first sculpture to receive professional conservation treatment was Josip Diminić’s Object II (1979, painted steel). The treatment was executed in 2014 by the expert team of the Conservation-Restoration Department of the Arts Academy in Split. Because of the sculpture’s poor condition, the works included stripping and repainting.

All the sculptures from the Sisak Sculpture Park will eventually receive conservation treatment. The international conference SPark: Conservation of Sculpture Parks will provide an opportunity to discuss treatment options for specific objects, as well as to share ideas on the presentation and maintenance of the Park as a whole.

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